Proven Performance Meets a Tradition of Innovation

Our 75 research professionals regularly collaborate with sleep scientists and doctors to refine our mattress technologies. Then we rigorously test those technologies to their limits, so you don’t just have the promise of performance—you have the proof.

Mattresses Trusted to Perform

Hotel mattresses have to stand up to extreme wear and tear, supporting a range of body types for years. That’s why we test above and beyond industry standards to give you the confidence that our mattresses can hold up in a demanding hospitality environment.


Mattresses Unlike Any Other

Our team of sleep scientists, doctors and innovators always work on new ways to create a better sleep experience. We’re proud to know we outspend other bed manufacturers in research, development and testing, investing tens of millions each year to create the hotel mattress of your dreams.

Tested to Outmatch Other Mattresses

Our Patented Robot Test
The most realistic in the industry, this test simulates a person repeatedly getting in and out of bed.
The Rollator Test
A 240-pound weight repeatedly rolls across the surface. We perform 50% more cycles than required.
The Cornell Test
This test simulates a 170-pound person jumping on the bed. We perform 50% more cycles than required.
The Load Deflection Test
To prove the durability of our foams, this test measures how the foams change over the life of the bed.
Our Proprietary Shipping & Handling Test
By simulating a 500-mile semi-truck ride, we ensure our mattresses arrive in mint condition.
Our Proprietary Adjustable Base Test
We bend the mattress 10,000 times to know our product work with adjustable bases.

More Than the Average Hotel Bed

A Coil That Boosts Your Business
Our coil is carefully designed to retain 98% of its height over the mattress’s lifetime and continue providing comfortable sleep that guests will rave about, night after night.
Surface-Guard Technology™
Our Surface-Guard Technology™ kills bacteria on the mattress surface and protects your investment from common allergens that can disrupt guests’ sleep.
Foams that Support Business Growth
The premium foams used in our mattresses are high-density and gel-infused to support guests—and your business investment—for years to come.
Chill™ Technology
We incorporate cooling fibers into the knit mattress cover to give guests cool-to-touch comfort that starts the moment they lie down and lasts throughout the night.
Center Third Support
An extra foam layer in the center third provides more targeted support where guests need it, while helping reduce body impressions so the mattress looks and feels like new for longer.
Iconic TEMPUR® Memory Foam Material
Renowned for its pressure relief and adaptable support, TEMPUR® material was originally designed to cushion astronauts during flight, demonstrating its durability for use in hotel mattresses.
“I’ve never slept better in my life!”
- Kristin B., guest, Chicago, IL
“So comfortable we played an extra night!”
- Kathy O., guest, Galveston, TX
“This was my ‘Goldilocks’ bed!”
- Jim A., guest, Chicago, IL

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