A Home Away From Home In Your Hotel Rooms

Give Guests the Familiar comfort of Tempur Sealy Mattresses

Your guests are more likely to have our mattresses in their homes than any other brands. That familiar preferred feel is also engineered into our more durable hospitality line to earn the reviews that drive business success. Get an edge over the competition while giving your guests the familiar comfort of home with Tempur Sealy hospitality mattresses.

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Guests Want Better Beds

People have nicer beds at home these days. Your guests expect at least the same quality of bed when they travel — and a Gallup study shows they’re willing to pay more for more comfort.*

*Source: 2014 Gallup Study

Better Beds Mean Better Sleep

Not all bed manufacturers ensure quality sleep. But Tempur Sealy mattresses are specifically designed for supportive, enduring comfort that provides great sleep every night.

Better Sleep Means Better Reviews

As IHG’s VP Errol Williams told USA Today, “Our travelers have consistently identified sleep … as one of the critical parts of their experience.” And if guests have a great experience, they’ll leave a great review.

Franchise Hotels

Mattress specifiers work hard to set standards that align with the hotel brands they represent. These standards have become increasingly important for success in today’s competitive market, but hoteliers shouldn’t assume that all spec’d mattresses deliver the same level of quality.

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Independent Hotels

As an independent hotelier, you have complete freedom when choosing goods and amenities to offer your guests. Make sure you understand your guests’ expectations for their sleep, comfort,

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