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Hotel mattresses are specified to meet certain standards for the industry. But just because your hotel beds meet industry standards, doesn’t mean they meet your guests’ standards. To make a lasting impression on your guests, give them the familiar quality they already know and love at home with a Tempur Sealy mattress.

Hospitality Mattress Line

Our hotel mattresses are built to meet and outlast the demands of the hospitality industry.

Guest Expectations

Guests consider quality of sleep as one of the most important factors in a great hotel stay.

Guest Satisfaction

Our mattresses don’t just deliver one night of great sleep, they keep delivering for years to come.

How to get more five star reviews

Choose Mattresses with Quality Components

Tempur Sealy mattresses are quality to the core. From select foams to advanced coil design that we test beyond industry standards, every component helps deliver a comfortable sleep experience that guests rave about, night after night, year after year.

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Understand Your Guests' Expectations for Sleep

The mattress is central to the guest experience. As IHG's VP Errol Williams told USA Today, “Our travelers have consistently identified sleep … as one of the critical parts of their experience.” Guests want high-quality sleep, which is why they're spending 35% more on mattress upgrades for their homes, and they expect the same—or better—quality when they travel.*

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*Furniture Today 2015 Bedding Buying Trends survey

Exceed Guest Expectations with Tempur Sealy

The need to provide quality sleep is what drives many franchise hoteliers and specifiers to choose Tempur Sealy mattresses. They're designed and proven to provide a comfortable sleep experience that meets guests' expectations—not just the first few nights, but every night for the length of the product warranty. That's the quality that delivers reliable guest satisfaction scores.

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"We chose Tempur Sealy mattresses for their quality and value. I know our guests will sleep well every night. They've already given us great feedback—many have asked to buy the beds for their homes."

— Tammy Oliver, VP of Design & Development, Holiday Inn Club Vacations

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